Quarantime Day 2

I am going to write about my time social and physical distancing from people. This is something I already practice somewhat as I live in a rural area. So hopefully I can inspire ideas or routines that help people. Or help people to avoid things that do not help. There isn’t anything groundbreaking in here. But I think that’s the idea I want to convey. Living in simplicity can be beautiful. You notice things you might not otherwise. You appreciate things you wouldn’t if you are always on the go. Enjoy and feel free to comment. 

Day 2

I had trouble sleeping last night. My head was vibrating before I went to bed. Too much activity swirling around. I pressed at my temples for it to stop. Finally, picturing two stuffed animals I had as a child did the trick. Froggy and Glowy. I had to revert to my adolescence to find some sense of peace.  Whatever works. 

I had nightmares of a friend who had passed away a few years ago doing bad things to me. He was dominating me physically and emotionally. This person wasn’t bad to me in real life. In the dream I felt I had no control over what they did to me. I’m not sure how much control I had in real life either. 

I woke up feeling not great. But I had made a pact that I would stop looking at news before I went to bed and right when I woke up. I also made a pact that I knew how to navigate difficult situations and this was no different than any other situation. The only difference is that all of my friends are being affected at the same time. That is the scary part. I held onto my partner in bed extra tight and got up to make coffee. I dumped out my toilet (yes I do that) and  fed my dog. I decided today that I would use this time like any other time. 

Every day I would do one thing that gets me closer to my goals. Not checking the news immediately had a positive effect on my day. I was able to focus on my tasks and complete things with a relatively clear mind. I had been checking the news incessantly, listening to NPR. Although information is important, it is not necessary to hear it 24 hours a day. It is not necessary for me at least. I made a breakfast of duck eggs with potatoes and garlic. Then I drove into my office. The first part of my day passed quickly because I had energy again and I was able to lose myself in work. One positive side effect of the quarantine lifestyle is that I have not spent any money eating out. I know it’s negative for business, but it is positive for my pockets. I had an addiction to breakfast burritos. I ate out more than I should have. 

It’s sunny today. When I leave the office this afternoon I will go on a long walk. I found out a friend of mine has passed away. I’m not sure the cause of his death. But I will take some time to mourn him and be happy that I have the opportunity to let the sun shine on my face.

Every breath feels like a blessing. Every opportunity we have to make a change, to push towards our dreams, it all counts.


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