The Vectors of Lyon

Ancient bells chime

and travel to lounging
lost lovers
dark shadows usher the sound
steep silk laden stairways
to reach their open ears
amidst a conversation
in which a breath
taken before a sentence
transforms words
being bowed across
the strings of the tongue
creating a symphonic
pleasure for the ears.

Eros looks for amour in
Betty’s Pub,
and alleyways
scribbling messages
I love you
on blank walls.

Meanwhile blue and pink tailed mermaids
swim by.
A mythical looking man
saves his lover from the

He stands with his rippling muscles,

naked, holding his lover

draped in his arms

scanning the watching
crowd for help
while people
stand by watching,
confused on what to

The gut flexes with laughter,
as feet caress the shining reflection of
the night
in the Rhône waters.
A full moon shines down
as the Lyonnaise
speak the language

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