Coast #1

when we want

to eat scrambled eggs with vegetables

You ask if I would like cheese

we awake
when we want

The eggs will still be there
the cheese will be ready to grate

The wind blows while we eat our eggs
a cold breeze drifting into the room
slightly shifting the curtain

Curtains have no choice in movement
drifting and billowing
all to the forces of immediate environment

We eat our scrambled eggs
one bite at a time

sharp cheddar melted and stringy
on the eggs.


Asked for our order
Her neon blue hair
long, shiny past the shoulders
razor sharp aqua blue eyes
grounded in her self
her style
she lives at home with her mom
due to a bad breakup
her spirit is the making of


It started with Eureka
steaming coffee
potatoes and stuff.

Into the Avenue of Giants
catching glimpses of years
but no

Moving inward
sun ray beams attacked
grains of sand
creating a mutiny of
diamonds outwardly
grasped by pulls
managed in our
own bodies
by the moon.

We are all bodies in an ocean.

Bodies in an ocean.

We drove south near the Pacific coast in a car.
Wind blowing off the volatile sea on one side
calm lagoons on the other.
Lagoons protected by ancient trees
and formations of the earth.

On one side I thought, I could swim
on the other I thought, I would drown instantly.

We stopped on a beach where the Eel River meets the ocean.
The current was going in a million different directions.
Seals were navigating it with grace
poking their heads up to glance at
foreign looking beings watching on the

The sand was soft and coarse, granular green
shaded shapes crafted from sea creatures

All beings turn to dirt.

Dangerous waters are interesting to watch
while calm waters sustain life.

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