Viands- Temporal Relics Liner Notes


I marched across the border into Motor City to find the American Dream one red dawn after a celestial being had visited me in my dreams He repeated insistently “ only you could find the American dream ” Nobody had seen the American Dream for years, yet most elders of the planet swore as kid folk they had seen glimpses of it from a distance My grandpa had given me an image of it that he kept carefully close, in his pocket until he died I was always amazed at how new the image looked even after all of the years of being carried around I blasted off with a trailblaze of fire and crashed as a stranger in a strange land Upon arrival gatekeepers took me aside They offered me a colorless drug to kill my projected reality Kill it I said, kill it all

The gatekeepers gave me a shot of Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf and shot golden flakes of Dharma into my eyes, blind at first, my eyes transformed from blue to gold I walked around for days with my new golden eyes and all I saw was life as it is cherry silver, sunburst red, there were trees of heaven everywhere, yet the American dream was nowhere to be found

I hired a chauffeur to help search, my eyes now gold I kept on studying the image of the American dream so when I finally located it I would be able to recognize it but every time I looked at it the bright colors were slowly fading The chauffeur showed up in a white space vessel van wearing a Hawaiian shirt The beaver full moon was upon us that evening so the chauffeur suggested we perform a beaver ritual to locate the American Dream

We gathered all of the gatekeepers, gods, and goddesses of the Motor City to travel and perform a ritual on Procyon,11.4 light years away The beaver ritual’s intention would manifest the skill, industriousness and creativity of the beaver to help us locate the American Dream

We set sail and crashed into the underbelly of Procyon, the fierce light and burning did not blind or harm us, our eyes were protected with the gold that had been injected into us and we now knew we had been transformed, the reality that once was is no longer, the gatekeepers had protected us As we all met to perform the ritual the celestial being that had visited me before told our entire brigade that we needed to bring back Procyon to the Motor City or Motor City would disintegrate into the soil The process of taking Procyon back would mean sacrificing the gods and goddesses of Motor City The gods, goddesses, and gatekeepers all in a long and lengthy argument, polarized at one point to no decision, half in favor of giving up their kingdom, half not in favor finally by a one-vote majority decided to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of all the citizens in Motor City Each and every god and goddess dropped off into the universe burning into nothing as they helped the gatekeepers carry back Procyon to the Guardian where Procyon would be held for eternity in the great Motor City To this day Motor City holds one of the brightest stars in the universe as we know I never made it out of Motor City, I never found the American dream although sometimes I still look I became a gatekeeper over time and lived in

the Motor City until time vanished.

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